What are you really capable of?

What if you could: work 40, 60, 80+ hours a week and head home feeling energized instead of exhausted? Stay sharp and focused in any situation? Look and feel amazing without spending hours in the gym or giving up the things you love?

Ohmcoach is a health and fitness company that helps busy professionals achieve their full potential. We don’t offer #fitspo, sell cookie-cutter workout plans, or force you into someone else’s gym-rat vision of success. We do our own research to find and share the best, evidence-based strategies that help top performers become healthier, happier, higher-output versions of themselves — no matter how busy their schedule.

Who we are

Most personal trainers and health coaches have never set foot inside of an office — not us. Ohmcoach is run by Kennedy and Coleman Collins, two brothers who understand what you’re going through. They left elite, high-stress tech jobs to become certified fitness coaches and help people like themselves perform at the highest levels.

What we offer

Personalized Coaching: Our premium behavioral-change-focused coaching service for folks that want to accelerate their results with personalized plans, feedback and accountability. It lets you outsource the planning to an expert and just focus on getting it done.

The Road Warrior Academy: Monthly, actionable lessons and an online community helping business travelers stay healthy, sane and productive on the road.

The Ohmcoach Resource Library: A library of articles full of tips, tricks, commentary, answers to common questions, and other completely free information to help you take control of your health and achieve your full potential.